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    Fulfill the “One Belt, One Road” spirit, Julong shows their amazing products in Myanmar


    Recently, there is a cooperation promotion meeting with Myanmar's enterprises and enterprises from Liaoning, China. Julong's promotion meetings held in Myanmar SEDONA hotel in Yangon. This promotion meeting is co-host by the Foreign Economic and Trade Office of Liaoning Province and Julong Co., Ltd. The products and integrated solutions from Julong Co., Ltd has been favored by the participants, many local business organizations have expressed their intention to continue their in-depth cooperation with Julong Co., Ltd.

    China and Myanmar are friendly neighbors. Economies of China and Myanmar are highly complementary, and China has always been Myanmar's largest trading partner and remains the biggest source of foreign capital. Myanmar is also one of China's major economic and trade partners in Southeast Asia. In 2016, China's direct investment in Myanmar's financial sector amounted to 4.567 billion US dollars; trade between the two countries reached 12.28 billion US dollars, the project contract amount reached 2.8 billion US dollars.

    The meeting is adhering to the "One belt, one road" policy, aim for promote the cooperation of enterprises in Liaoning and Myanmar. And the meeting has received the strong support from the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, Julong Co., Ltd. and other cooperation partners in Myanmar. A speech about the financial products and the overall digital management solutions from Julong Co., Ltd.was made by Mr. Frank Feng, the CEO of Julong Co., Ltd. And more than 70 representatives from 25 banks in Myanmar have shared and communicated their thoughts in all directions.

    Frank Feng mentioned that as a listed company in Liaoning providence, Julong Co., Ltd. is the leading supplier of domestic currency security operations and digital management solutions. Not only to provide more efficient and convenient financial services and financial equipment for the Myanmar, but also to provide them with a full range of digital banking management system solutions, including cash management system, treasury information management system, banknote font query system, social financial outsourcing system and self-service system. Julong Co., Ltd. would like to follow the “One belt, one road” and encouragement trade policy, and to establish a strong strategic cooperation and win-win partnership between Julong Co., Ltd. and local organizations in Myanmar. Julong Co., Ltd. has the financial security solutions of the whole industry with the national standards and independent intellectual property rights. Julong Co., Ltd. would like to work closely with the various commercial organizations in Myanmar, to provide a comprehensive digital financial security solution that reduces operating costs, improves service efficiency and meets requirements in local.

    As a leading enterprise in domestic financial security solutions market, Julong has made great efforts to deepen financial cooperation in China and Myanmar. Myanmar delegates have said that the implementation of the full range of solutions provided by Julong will bring great changes to the Bank of Myanmar, and they are looking forward to further cooperation with Julong Co., Ltd.


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